the best coffee
in Venezuela
Discover the flavor that distinguishes us and identifies us as the best coffee in Venezuela
We are creators
of the best moments.
We make the best coffee bean by bean.
live with us the
passion for coffee
The tradition of a whole country in a cup

Our Brands


Typical Venezuelan, Bourbon, Yellow and Red Caturra, Catuai

Cultivation Area

Bocono, Trujillo State, Santa Cruz de Mora, Merida State.

Cup Profile

Caramel notes with hints of red fruits and a chocolatey flavor


#18 and #16 Washed 1 Grade A Natural honey wash Grade A

We are a Venezuelan roaster

With gourmet certification, we have a unique process of selection of the best grain, with which we start our impeccable roasting of Italian technology of the latest generation, achieving a coffee of unparalleled characteristics in the national and international market.

We tell you why our coffee is the best coffee in Venezuela

Roasting with state of the art Italian machinery, certified internationally, which guarantees the

exact roasting curve of our grain.

Gourmet Quality Certification by the Venezuelan Coffee Corporation (CVC),
by virtue of having complied with all technical and legal requirements.

Three passes of selection of the grain in our roaster,
a fundamental and uncommon practice in similar processes, with which we achieve the perfect balance in the toasting.

Novel method of storing roasted coffee
in silos designed with a peripheral vacuum system, which degasses the product.


•Packaging and baling machines
that provide us with different presentations to satisfy the national market, and give us the full capacity to offer our product.

Special process in the selection of the best bean,
harvested in an ideal climate and temperature, at an altitude between 1500 and 1700 m above sea level, obtaining a cup of exceptional flavor and pronounced aroma.

Highly specialized team
in each area of the production process, ensuring the premium quality of our products.


Temperature controlled spaces
for optimal storage of our green gold, replicating the same atmospheric conditions of the harvest environment.


Innovative 1kg packaging
with a gas expulsion valve that does not allow oxygen to enter the coffee, giving it greater durability and optimum conservation of its organoleptic properties.


Let’s live the passion for coffee together