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Café del sur present at the ii virtual meeting “Friends of Venezuela”

Café del sur present at the ii virtual meeting “Friends of Venezuela”

Our brand Café del Sur was among the four Venezuelan coffee brands that participated in the II virtual meeting “Friends of Venezuela”, organized this October 17th. By the Ministry of People’s Power for Tourism and Foreign Trade.

The activity had the purpose of promoting Venezuelan coffee with export quality. Ambassadors from 22 countries met at this event and were able to taste the best of Venezuelan green gold.

The holder of this event, Felix Plasencia, expressed to the guests that with the tasting they would enjoy “the pleasures and the flavor of our coffee beans that is recognized by the World Coffee Organization as one of the best in the world”.

Plasencia congratulated the production work of Café del Sur, Procami, Flor de Arauca and Oro Café, brands that were tasted by the diplomatic representatives through samples sent to their embassies.

«Successful the II Virtual Meeting “Friends of Venezuela” event that allowed to show once again the quality of our Venezuelan coffee production”, published Plasencia in his twitter account. »

Venezuela will be present at the I International Virtual Auction in Singapore

The president of the Banco de Comercio Exterior (Bancoex), Héctor Silva, also participated in the videoconference and informed that this event is the beginning of the promotion of elite Venezuelan products. “We want to position our exportable items in a more exclusive international market, these products are rum, coffee, chocolate and tobacco”.

Likewise, he expressed that this is the second time that an international virtual meeting takes place, and assured that Venezuela is ready to participate in the I International Virtual Auction that will be held in Singapore on October 1st, as well as in several international events to be held this year 2020.

The Diplomatic Corps accredited in the country received coffee and Venezuelan desserts in their official residences to participate in the tasting and to accompany the chef Maria Evanz and young baristas demonstrating their techniques for the preparation of the Venezuelan coffee bean.