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Who We Are

We are a Venezuelan roaster

Wth gourmet certification, we have a unique process of selection of the best grain, with which we start our impeccable roasting of Italian technology of the latest generation, achieving a coffee of unparalleled characteristics in the national and international market.
We have a specialized team in each area of the production process, and we also comply with all the protocols of validation and product reception, ensuring the quality that our clients deserve.

In alliance with the national agriculture, we work closely with the coffee producers of the Venezuelan Andes, who pour all their passion into cultivating Arabica coffee in its different varieties of beans, harvested between 1500 and 1700 meters above sea level


We make sure that from sowing, harvesting, processing and subsequent selection, storage, roasting, grinding, packaging, distribution and sale, a coffee with export quality, high flavor profile, aromatic, balanced and of extraordinary purity reaches the cup of our consumers..



Our coffee is harvested in the Venezuelan Andes between 1500 and 1700 meters above sea level, specifically in Boconó, in the state of Trujillo and Santa Cruz de Mora, in the state of Merida.


Medium high, caressing the monk’s roast, with which we maintain a good level of caffeine, but with more sweetness, because the sugars of the coffee bean begin to caramelize, reaching balance and softness in the shades of red fruits, caramel and chocolate.


180g     200g

250g    400g

500g      1Kg

The proactivity and training of our human resources, our state of the art technology, the ability to count on the best coffee beans that are cultivated in Venezuela and a fervent commitment to the country, make it possible for us to reach all the corners where good coffee is consumed and appreciated.

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